Rosehair Tarantula Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Gramastola porteri
Native to: Bolivia, Argentina and Chile
Maximum Length: 5-6 inches
Life Span: Males: 4-5 years; Females: up to 15-20 years

The Rosehair is a great beginner tarantula and one of the most common pet tarantula as they are easy to care for and tend to be docile. This species is nocturnal and hides away from the hot sun spending their days in the shelter of moist, cool burrows, and venturing out at night They are a beautiful species, some specimens being more brightly colored than others. As with most desert dwelling tarantulas, these animals are nomads, living solitary lives and fending for themselves.

Care Tips:
Enclosure: We recommend 2 to 5 gallon glass terrariums because tarantulas rely primarily on the sense of touch to navigate their surroundings and prefer smaller enclosures where they can freely explore but are not overly exposed. Floor space is more important than height. Tarantulas do not need decoration but you can add a log, or cork bark.

Substrate: Use a substrate such as untreated potting soil, or peat moss.

Habitat: Maintain humidity at 70% humidity by misting the entire enclosure as needed every few days to maintain the humidity.

Temperature and Lighting: Maintain temperatures of 70 to 85° F. Lighting should be gentle and dim.

Food and Water: Young tarantulas eat crickets, mealworms and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, mealworms, other large insects, and an occasional pinkie mouse. Food should be dusted with a supplement. All tarantulas that have at least a 3” leg span may drink from a shallow, wide water dish. Do not be alarmed if your Rosehair goes on a fast, this is common among them. A well fed Rosehair can go a few months without eating.

To download or print this care sheet – Click link: Rosehair Tarantula Care Sheet

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