Reptiles by Mack has partnered with Habitattitude™

Reptiles by Mack is proud to announce we have partnered with Habitattitude™ a national initiative about consumer awareness, responsible behaviors, and acts as a guide for consumer decisions to make wise choices about the pets they care for.
Habitattitude™ was developed by the Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Task Force in partnership with the Pet Advocacy Network, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sea Grant, and NOAA.
Habitattitude™ is the combination of three words: habits, attitude, and environment. Its goal is to encourage prospective pet owners to make wise pet choices through education on the risk of invasive species to the environment, economy, and human health, and urging the public to protect the environment by not releasing unwanted fish or aquatic plants into public areas. This educational program aspires to encourage and equip people to learn more about how caring for pets can help the planet. Responsible pet ownership and environmental stewardship are inextricably linked.
Please visit to learn more about Habitattitude™ and its mission to protect our environment!