Pacman Frog Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Ceratophrys spp.
Native to: Rainforests of South America
Maximum Length: Males 2.5-4 inches. Females 4-7 inches
Life Span: Up to 15 years

Pacman Frogs are also known as Argentine Horned Frogs, Ornate Horned Frogs, and Horned Frogs. They are very popular because of the variety of colors they come in. These frogs are not very active. They spend a lot of time sitting half-buried in the substrate of their enclosure, waiting for food.

Care Tips:
Enclosure: You can house your adult Pacman Frog in a 10 gallon terrarium. Babies can be kept in small, plastic reptile enclosures. Make sure you provide enough substrate (about 1″ deep for young frogs and 2-3″ deep for adult frogs). Pacmans love to burrow into the substrate and sit with just their eyes showing.

Substrate: You can use ground coconut or potting soil (without chemical additives or perlite). The substrate should remain damp but not soaking wet. Provide enough substrate so that your Pacman can hide. If their substrate dries out and/or food is scarce, the Pacman may encase itself in a tough outer skin to protect it from drying out. They will not move and can be mistaken for dead. Once rehydrated, they will shed this tough outer skin but can be stressed out by this situation.

Habitat: A Pacman’s skin is very sensitive so when choosing plants to add to its enclosure be very careful. Provide your Pacman with hiding spots. You can use live plants with broad leaves such as Pothos ivy or English ivy to decorate the terrarium.

Temperature and Lighting: Keep the temperature in the terrarium in the 72-82° F range. Provide 10-12 hours of daylight. If you give them too much daylight the frog may stress out and not eat. Use fluorescent lights and they do not need a heat lamp or special UVB-emitting bulbs.

Food and Water: Pacman Frogs eat a wide variety of food including crickets, roaches, small fish, worms and even small mice. The amount to feed them depends on the size of the frog and the temperature inside the enclosure. During cooler times of the day and of the year, feed them smaller prey items once a week. During warmer times, feed them more often, twice a week. Calcium supplements should be provided for your frog once or twice a month by shaking crickets or worms with a vitamin and calcium powder mixture. Be careful when feeding your Pacman. They have teeth and may bite. It is best to place the food on the ground or use tongs. This is why it is not recommended to use gravel as a substrate as the Pacman Frog will often pounce on the prey item and ingest some of the substrate. Provide a clean non-chlorinated water bowl and mist the terrarium daily. Soak your Pacman in fresh, dechlorinated water once a week to keep them hydrated.

To download or print this care sheet – Click link: Pacman Frogs Care Sheet

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