Reptiles by Mack's Testimonials

At Reptiles by Mack we pride ourselves in being the very best producer and distributor of healthy, high quality pets and are committed to providing all of our customers with superior service and unparalleled support. Here are just a few Testimonials from our customers, retail partners and industry leaders.

Retail Partners

Bergen Exotic Reptiles
“The geckos arrived this morning in perfect shape and incredibly well packed! Just wanted to thank you for your patience and help with this first order. Your efforts have made Mack my go to company for quality reptiles!”- Darren Cannao

Apet Inc.- IL
“I really appreciate the great service, and the fine animals. I have been faithfully purchasing Leopard geckos from John and Amy for over ten years. And have learned that Reptiles by Mack make the best Leopard Geckos in our industry.”- Ken Kaminski

Pet Palace Too- Albemarle, NC
“The Quality of the animals is great. They are the best looking animals we order. We have never had any issues with this company, and will continue to order from them” – Dusty

Pets n Stuff- Midway Park, NC
“Very happy with the animals and how hearty they are. We love the time taken to pack the animals correctly and safely.” –Jay

BV Southside Aquarium- Parkersburg, WV
“We love the way the animals come in, and how hearty they look. We also LOVE the 72 hour health guarantee they provide.” – Brenda

Fin and Feather Pet Shop- Pittsfield, MA
“The Reptiles are far better than any other company. They have GREAT Customer Service” – Stu

Treasure Island- Downingtown, PA
” Love them. Love that I found a great supplier like you guys” – Regine

Pure Paradise- Johnston, RI
“I love how helpful the sales team is with me” – Dominic

Days Exotics- Columbiaville, MI
“We love the quality of the Animals. We love how hearty they are” – Aaron

Southside Pet Shop- Louisville, Ky
“Our favorite part is how hearty the animals are, and how friendly and helpful the customer service team is”- Becky

Fish-N-Stuff- Athens, OH
“Best Reptile Distributor that myself, and my friends have dealt with”- Michael

Pets n Stuff- Midway Park, NC
“Very happy with the quality of the animals”- Jay

GHC Exotics – Helen GA
“We love shopping with Reptiles by Mack. The account rep really went above and beyond to help us” – Brandon

Industry Leaders

Bob Ashley, Promoter – North American Reptile Breeders Conference
“I have done business with Reptiles by Mack and known John Mack for many years. Reptiles by Mack has always sold us very high quality animals and have always stood behind everything they sell. Reptiles by Mack is one of the most reputable, reptile supply companies to do business with.”
ECO Wear & Publishing
Chiricahua Desert Museum

Russ Gurley, Author, World Renown Herpetologist
“I am so excited about Reptiles by Mack directing their amazing facilities into the reptile pet market and offering their healthy captive-hatched offspring to reptile keepers, both beginners and advanced. The snakes and lizards produced at their state-of-the-art facilities are of the highest quality. The staff at Reptiles by Mack are detail-oriented, insightful, and they love the animals they are caring for. They are both in sync with what the young reptiles need and in tune with what reptile keepers need to be successful. Their caring team of experts and stream-lined, meticulous procedures and excellent customer service has no doubt made waves in the reptile industry while setting new standards. Because of this, other reptile breeders and dealers have seen just what it takes to be one of the top reptile suppliers in the United States.”


“Just as expected, Both of the snakes are even better than I thought. Once again I am a completely satisfied Reptiles by Mack customer. Thanks again and hope to do business again in the near future.” – Khalis

“Once again, I am over the moon. I received my albino tangerine Honduran milk snake this morning and I can’t stop watching. He is the most beautiful and playful little thing I have ever seen. I cannot wait until he is fully acclimated and I can take him out and really get to know him (or her). I cannot thank you guys enough!!!!! I will recommend you to everyone I know.” – Jeff from Jersey

“I ordered a juvenile male anery/black from reptiles by Mack two months ago. I waited to write my review because I wanted to make sure that my snake made it. First, the ordering process was quick and easy. They explain everything perfectly in their shipping guidelines. Second, my snake came quickly and seemed scared from travel but in good spirits because he was exploring right away after going into his new home. Third, their care sheet is a great guideline for first time snake owners. As I said, I’ve had my snake now for over two months (almost 3) and he is happy, healthy and gorgeous. I have recommended Reptiles by Mack to friends and family. I would also order from them again.” – Rosa G.

“Thank you so much for your help Jessica. Believe it or not, these are not the first snakes I will order from you guys, and I have always been extremely satisfied with what you guys have sent me in the past! I already know that I will be a lifelong customer for Reptiles by Mack and I will always refer everyone I know to you guys as well. Thank you, and I hope to do business again soon!” – Coal M.

“Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you there and let you know I received AOK. Beautiful little milk snake, arrived healthy, alert and has been doing very well and feeding great. Again thank you for a quality reptile!” – Charlie S.

“I wanted to thank you again for working the shipping out so we could receive our new little buddy in the healthiest of condition(Fedex center). While my wife and I have cared for reptiles in the past, this is our son’s first foray into the adventure (he is 11 years old) and we couldn’t have chosen a better supplier to ensure our success. The beardie we received is beautiful, or handsome I guess I should say, and we are in love already. We will take the best possible care of our new family member so you can rest assured that he is in a great home. You guys are doing a wonderful job, so thanks again and keep up the good work! Best wishes!” – Adam T.

“I have purchased dozens of reptiles over the internet. R by M is probably the best I have dealt with. personal contact is awesome Jessica is a dream to deal with. I will surely deal with them again. thanks for the great service and the pair of beautiful Mexican black kings.” – William C.

“I had my California kingsnake for a month and I really love it and I recommend everyone I know to order from y’all the snake is absolutely beautiful!” – Johnny R.

“Overall I love my turtle, I was upset about the shipping wait and I asked for a 4 inch turtle and my turtle looks like its 5 in at smallest and about 6-7 years old. But after arriving and holding him he is pretty lively.The shipping was done well also. Thank you for my new turtle!” – Blake C.

“My name is Diana, and I recently had some problems with my milk snake. One of your customer service representatives, Jessica, helped me very much with my problems and kept me calm with her reassurance. I really appreciate her help, and I would definitely use your customer service again because of her! Please recognize her great work for me. Thank you so much!” – Diana

“I am so happy with my new little snake!! He’s very fat and very active! He arrived a bit late, but he was worth the wait! He’s so beautiful and I will definitely be ordering for Mack again!” – Olivia S.

“Just wanted to let you know i did receive my citrus bearded dragon this morning by fed ex and she was alive and alert.shes settling in now to her new home i wanted to thank you for all your help and great customer service shes exactly what i was looking for!!!!!! have a great day! your new customer for life!” – Cliff

“Dear Jessica and Mr. Mack, It has been several hours since I received my order of the pair of black Mexican king snakes and my female pied ball python. It has taken all this time for me to leave my reptile room and to stop watching and admiring the animals you sent to me. First, the pair of Mexican black king snakes are so beautiful, richly black and their heads actually shine like patent leather shoes. How does God create such beauty? Now, about my female pied ball python that you sent to me; not having ordered from you before, I took the chance of ordering your higher dollar % more white pied ball. What is ones interpretation of higher% white and/or beauty? No telling what I may have received! Well being the poetic soul that I am, I am lost for words! I don’t know what a lower $$ pied would have gotten me, but I am very sure I would be bragging about that one also! Get to the point Bob, thank you so very much for sending me such a beauty!! The female pied ball python I received from you is an eye catcher to behold! She puts my whole snake collection to shame with her beauty! You may show my words to all as I to will tell all, Mr. Mack, Jessica, and your staff you are the best!! Fifteen stars out of ten! I raise my right hand and pledge my customership to you! Best regards!” – Bob

“I recommend this breeder of fine geckos, they helped me get what colors I preferred and I got a beautiful very healthy little gecko! I can definitely see myself purchasing more down the line from Mack, the shipping and packaging was secure and safely done! I recommend purchasing from here and will definitely point anyone whom wants a lovely, healthy gecko to Macks.” – Tasha

“My name is Moriah V. and I wanted to send a thank you for our newest leopard gecko! I want to start by saying I have never purchased a gecko over the internet before, so I was very nervous about doing this, but I decided to purchase a female hypo stripe leo and she is beautiful! I have let her walk on me for about an hour now and she is so healthy and very energetic! She came to me with a nice full belly and a fiesty attitude! I am in love! I would also like to say that I appreciated the emails from your worker, Jessica Stacey. She was keeping in contact with me and letting me know that my new gecko would arrive later than expected due to cold weather. Since I live in snowy New Hampshire, I was concerned for the little one coming by mail when it was cold, and Jessica’s prompt responses eased my worry. I am also very impressed with the packaging I received her in and was happy to find the warm pack in her box. The little tub she came in gives her plenty of room to turn and move about freely, which is wonderful. I am settling her in as I type, I just got her a little over an hour ago, and I was compelled to write in an tell you what an awesome service I received. Thank you so much for our new family member! She will be spoiled rotten!” – Moriah V.

“Our medium white piebald arrived a few days ago, and he’s even more beautiful than we expected – awesome colors and patterning! We made a special request for a certain pattern look, and they did an excellent job picking a snake that fit exactly what we asked for. The customer service was very helpful and friendly, great experience – we’ll definitely buy here again. In my husband’s words: “this is officially the coolest snake I’ve ever owned,” and he’s been collecting snakes for 25 years!” – Julia P.

“Bought a female Mack snow albino and she is really healthy, colors are perfect and great personality. She’s a feisty little thing! Very impressed. A ++++” – Carlen D.

“We received our Blizzard female 4 days ago and wanted to thank the all the people at Reptiles By Mack for finding us the perfect pet. She is exactly as we requested down to the last detail! I requested the Greyest colored Blizzard they had and they gave us exactly what we wanted. Her colors are so dark that her head is already Black. A perfect Blizzard. Thank you so much and especially the 2 ladies I spoke with on the phone.” – Greg W.

“I ordered a Diablo Blanco for my son and was a little disappointed when I got a call from Reptiles By Mack and was told they were sold out. Within 1/2 hour I got a call back. One of the ladies up there went through there hatchery and found one last Diablo Blanco female with blood red eyes. EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED FOR!! Thank you so much. We have had her for 5 days so far and she is doing great!” – Greg W.

“very beautiful quick delivery great customer service” – Catherine R.

“I am really pleased with my purchase from these people. My juvenile leopard gecko is better than i could ever imagine. I will defiantly buy more reptiles from these people.” – Justin B.

“I had ordered a blizzard male juvenile gecko and was afraid i wouldn’t be home to sign for him. I left a message and the very next business day, a woman from Reptiles By Mack responded to my message and reassured me that the gecko would arrive on the day i requested. Sure enough, it even came 15 mins early! The heat pack was still warm and the little blizzard is a BEAUTY!!! He was a bit cold but had a nice plump tail, the only downfall was a toe on the back with shed skin all wrapped around it. Made sure to wet his cool hide to see if he’ll remove it himself. I was so excited to receive such a wonderful, beautiful gecko that i bought another! Thanks Mack!! I highly recommend Reptiles By Mack for top quality care, it shows in your amazing geckos!!” – Aymie K.

“Ordered a juvenile veiled chameleon 100% satisfied. great color for a juvenile very healthy and healthy looking. Couldn’t be happier definitely would go with you guys again. Customer service at its best thank you.” – Tim W.

“My Blazing Blizzard juvenile arrived safely. She’s doing really good. Thank You very much.” – Melinda C.

“Very nice normal Ball Python. Fed at 5th day and ate frozen/thawed. Would definitely come back for more herps species.” – Tanner W.

“I ordered from reptiles by mack they had what I wanted. A dalmatian baby crested gecko. They answer question quickly. He arrived safely. He is such a cutie. Very active. Will buy from again in the future. Great people they answer question quickly” – Gail M.

“I started off with a phone call to Reptiles by Mack. Found them by reviews online. Spoke with a Sandy and she talked me right into buying a Citrus Bearded Dragon after we spoke for a while. She was a pleasure to speak with and was very easy to talk to. She answered all questions I had with very respectful and informational answers. I received my baby bearded dragon in the mail with no problems just as they said I would. I’ve had him for a little more than a week now and he is doing great. Took a couple of days for him to get acclimated, but that’s normal. I even called them a few days later to ask some questions I had, and Sandy was more than happy to help. Awesome people there !!! I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a new reptile pet.” – James H.

“So I got spike(jungle designer leopard gecko) at two today and I love him he is so small and cute thanks for getting me the one I asked for.” – Marti

“I am writing to let you know that the juvenile female leatherback bearded dragon that I ordered from Reptiles By Mack arrived at 9:40am, earlier than your company’s promise of a 10:30am delivery, and Fed Ex’s “by noon” guarantee. She is absolutely beautiful, much prettier than I expected! She arrived with all of her precious, delicate fingers and toes completely intact, and her tail is in perfect condition. As you know, I’ve had a male normal bearded dragon for almost two years, so I am quite knowledgeable. I purchased her for my husband, to whom I have been married for twenty years as of tomorrow. I explained to him that she may need to just “decompress” for a day or more, don’t expect her to eat right away. Imagine my surprise when he rushed into the room, exclaiming that she had eaten! All told, she ended up eating four small soft-shelled beetles and three small squishy pupae before climbing to her basking area. How about that! Thank you for the care sheet that came with her that included her hatch date and favorite foods. All in all, I am extremely impressed with Reptiles By Mack. I’m so glad she was shipped in a “deli dish” with holes instead of a snake bag, which seems to be popular now for whatever reason. I don’t like those bags. The box, with the styrofoam cushion, and other packing material, was all stellar. Great job! We are going to enjoy our new little girl immensely. I will be doing all of my shopping at Reptiles By Mack for any and all of my future needs and wants, especially because of your prompt, astute attention, quickly answered email replies, and your unbeatable pricing.” – Lisa H.

“Received my piebald and he’s beautiful and very healthy. Thanks for the great service and the wonderful snake.” – Dwight

“I received my blizzard male and he was awake and active as soon as I unpacked his box. He has beautiful coloring, with a dark purple body and very minimal yellow on his back. I requested a darker blizzard and he is just what I wanted. He is well fed and has a large tail. He acclimated well to his new surroundings and the second day I got him he started eating in his new enclosure. I would definitely buy from Reptiles by Mack again. Sandi is incredibly helpful. She answers emails on the spot and she always answers my questions if I have any. Great selection of animals and great service.” – Micaela

“Revived a mack snow about a week ago that I completely adore, so I couldn’t help myself from getting two more females. I had requests for specific geckos and they went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy. Reptiles By Mack is amazing!” – Dylan

“Thanks for making my first purchase a good one! My young male orange milk snake is healthy and has settled in quite nicely in hours. Your service is what made the biggest difference but boy am I happy with this guy.” – Paul

“Just got my snake (Mojave ball python) today he looks great really health looking kinda shy always in striking mode But im sure he’s just nervous going to give him a week to chill out I would definitely be buying another snake from you guys.” – Christopher M.

“I was a little nervous about buying my first Leo online, but I am very glad I did! There is such a bigger selection here than in my local stores, and my gecko arrived very healthy. He is doing great! Thank you very much.” – Larissa M.

“I ordered “George” from the Reptique section. He is a Desert Pastel Ball Python. The folks at Reptiles By Mack are wonderful to deal with. Fantastic customer service. They even called me on the day of shipping to discuss options that would be safest for the animal. She even checked to see what the high temperature would be on the day of arrival. The package arrived on time and when I opened it, I was greeted by one of the prettiest ball pythons I have seen. No signs of external problems (mites etc..) He was exactly as advertised. When I get ready to expand my collection, I will certainly be getting in touch with these folks.” – S Eugene H.

I have received my new gecko yesterday, and he is in great condition. He isn’t eating yet but i know 100% sure that he was well cared for at Reptiles by mack. If your looking for any reptile this is the place to go. And the customer service is far more better than any reptile site i have seen. Thank you.” – Austin T.

“I ordered a gecko from here and he came today and he looks great. very nice colors. thank you mack.” – Scott B.

“I was so nervous having my little baby Mack Snow ride in a mail truck for 16 hours but he/she came by 10:30 the next day and I love how big she/he is just for a juvenile! Nice big tail and she/he ate within hours of being put in it’s new home. I’m so excited to watch it grow! I highly recommend Reptiles by Mack!!” – Dylan

It has been 3 months since I purchased a male Russo Leucistic, and he is perfect. Never once refused a meal, which is rare for ball pythons. He has already grown three inches, and thickened nicely. He is very high white as well. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” – Debra S.

“He (leopard gecko) came in alert and looks great. Colors are unreal. I really suggest getting reptiles from here. Quality is amazing!” – Kayla

“Just got my Charcoal Corn Snake. Shipping was perfect. She is a beautiful little black and gray corn. My daughter suggested Shadow. Shadow it is. Thanks Sandi from Reptiles by Mack.” – Rodney K.

“I love her!(jungle leopard gecko) Her colors are just amazing ” – Brooke V.

“This company is by far the best Ive ever done business with, cheap pricing on high quality healthy animals and very cheap shipping. Also extremely fast customer service I can’t say thank you enough to them. Their the only company I will be buying from they have my business and there will be plenty more of my business for them, I encourage everyone reading this to do all your business with them as well!!!!” – Donny T.

“Just received this girl today and she is gorgeous. Great coloring and design as well as healthy looking. This is my 2nd snake ordered from this site and both times the packaging has been perfect. Very well packaged and great delivery. Highly recommend this site!” – Kristina A.

“Love her (Lesser Bee Ball Python) coloration and patterns. She is much more gorgeous than what i expected. Very calm and no nipping. This was my first time ever purchasing an animal online and I’d say its a success. Reptiles by mack have exceeded my expectations and have great customer service.” – Britney

“What a beautiful snake! (White Diamond – Russo Leucistic Ball Python) Not scared and seems to have been handled throughout his life thus far. Very tame and very alert. He is my first Python and he is sparking up my interest in snakes. Thanks reptiles by Mack! Stunning snake!” – John

“I am so happy with my Albino ball. He is beautiful and friendly! The people at Reptiles by Mack are great and were super helpful when I was having a little trouble getting my baby to eat. Highly recommended!” – Taylor W

“Amazing! I love my little one (leachianus). She is getting so big. I am going to be ordering another here soon. I highly recommend these guys and their animals.” – Jen M.

“My beautiful Ball arrived on time and in excellent shape. I have had her about a month now and she has never missed a feeding. Beautiful, great feeder, arrived on time. I give Reptiles by Mack 5 stars for great customer service and an even better snake.” – Derek

“My name is Ashley S, I am from Michigan. I purchased an adult male from your company like a year and half ago. His name is domino and he is just the best and most friendliest chameleon ever! I really want to purchase 2 more male chameleons but sub-adult or so. I am a very loving person to animals. Domino has his own meal-worm and super-worm farm going and dubia cockroaches and cricket farm here also. He loves riding on my shoulder as i do homework and study. I am in medical school all I do is study and hang with my chameleon. I would like to purchase 2 more males which I have already bought nice huge screened enclosures for them separate of course. I would like to order from your company and stay with you from now on please. I am willing to wait also for them. Please let me know, thank you so very much!!” – Ashley S

“I ordered my baby bearded dragon about a month ago and he came safe and sound! He was very healthy and emailing the people was simple! They gave you all the details and facts you may have been concerned about. It’s well worth your money! I’m glad I chose reptiles by Mack for my bearded dragon.” – Tifani

“I had originally decided to wait until after the new year to order but our temps were going to drop substantially. So I made the quick decision to order before Christmas and they would be here on the 23rd. Customer service is absolutely awesome. Very helpful and friendly. Once the babies got here Fedex held them for me at the depot so they wouldn’t be in a cold on the trucks. This one is such a pretty girl! She’s eaten already and been semi social. She will crawl back and forth over my hand while I have it laying in the tank. I will be back when I’m ready for more. Have to get my rack built so I have plenty of room.” – Danielle

“My Bumble Bee arrived fast and he’s a great python! Fresh out of the box he wasn’t shy or balling up. He wrapped around my wrist and kinda chilled for a few minutes… and then he started dancing. He’s exactly what I hoped for! I love having his confirmed hatch date, his info says he’s been eating live fuzzies. I wanted to keep him on that diet, but they’re not easy to find here in Chicago. Still, he has time and I’ll try to switch him over to frozen. Thanks!” – Nowa-Serpant-kin

“I ordered a Mack snow and a albino Leucistic leopard gecko two days ago and from I ordered to unboxing them they kept me informed and the geckos are very beautiful more than I expected healthy and active I will continue to order from reptiles by Mack and recommend this company to other people ” – Adam from West Virginia

“I got my three leopard super snows today and my corn snake. I’m so happy with my purchase, and they are beautiful. You guys have extremely great prices and shipping is also a great price. I have bought from any different reptile people online and nobody has came close to what I received today. You even let me have the cyber discount, which made me really happy. I will definitely be buying again from Reptiles by Mack. I love how you know their birthdays and what they like to eat, I also love how I can pay a little extra to make sure I can also get the sex of the geckos. I will definitely be recommending this company throughout the reptile community on Facebook. ” – Megan M.

“I received my first bp last week Wednesday, this lesser male, and I am so glad I spent the extra money and ordered from this site rather than meeting a guy an hour and a half away from me from Craigslist lol. He was package really well. The snake was so beautiful, a wonderful example of what a Lesser is supposed to look like. He was very very tame even when we took him out of the shipping container, didn’t ball up or even try to snap at us at all during the time he’s been here. Came with a paper saying what and when they fed him (which was a week prior to me getting him). He even ate frozen/thawed for us for the first time the following Monday without much of a problem! So very very pleased with him! And the customer service is just as splendid! Sandi Thomason was very helpful with any questions I had and always answered promptly. I did so much research before making my choice here. Really highly recommend this site! You won’t be let down!” – Tara S.

“I received my super snow over one month ago, and he’s doing fine. He’s eating everyday now, and he’s becoming more active. Very cool pet I might buy more leos from reptilesbymack soon.” – Scotty W.

“This is a great place to get leopard geckos from they’re 100% healthy, awesome morphs,great temperaments, and reptiles by mack has a great customer service definitely Sandi she helped me when I was going back and forth about canceling my order she is one of the main reasons I bought a Leo from here and not from other sites. My blizzard female is big and nice she was so great a purchased another Leo a couple days later a Mack Snow Albino who is also great u can’t go wrong with reptiles by mack they’re the best even better then some of the too breeders out there I will forever buy my leos from reptiles by mack, and also Sandi deserves a big raise too for helping me out lol, and thanks again Reptiles by Mack.” – Andre

“I received my spinner blast ball python today. He was well shipped and looked very comfortable. The best thing about my snake is his above par quality. With spinner blast ball pythons being a 3 gene snake their markings vary considerably. This one is the highest quality I’ve ever seen. It is perfect, I can’t wait to breed him.” – Jason B.

“My review for Mack’s Reptiles is they are Amazing!! I ordered 2 pythons ,a Female Spider & a Male Spinner .The snakes are both Healthy & Beautiful! Both have awesome paint jobs ,packed well & shipped/arrived on time. Great email correspondence,all questions answered (felt like in real time ) do to the speed of reply . If your considering Macks for a purchase please give them a try ,cause from now on they have my business & I’m a very happy customer ! Also the prices were very fair & cheaper shipping than most sites .. That makes a real difference. Quality – great selection – cost effective -Stunning Stock ! What else can you ask for! ” – James F.

“I got her 6 days ago and she is so outgoing, healthy, and such a sweetheart. Thank you for such an amazing new companion. 😀 ” – Megan

“My female jungle Midna is absolutely perfect! She’s a real character, and the seller even took the time to find one with blue shading above the eyes as requested. I can’t thank you enough!” – Stephen

“Worked with Sandi on my purchase of my new baby Leachianus. Her customer service was beyond comforting and informative. Leachie was happy and healthy and I will definitely be back. Thanks RBM!” – Chris

“Shipping was great on time costumer service 10 outer 10..very friendly patient and to help you understand your reptile better I have an healthy female spinner eats great…4get the rest go with buy the best at reptiles by mack…thank you Sandi for your costumer care.” – Mr. Robinson

“I love this place their animals are awesome and healthy and the shipping is really fast will be doing business with them again” – Tyler

“We are very pleased with the geckos we received. They are very alert and have a huge appetite. When we are ready for more lizards we will defiantly buy from here again. Thanks!” – Shannon & Justin

“I went to the pet store I bought both my beardies from, to find who breeds such wonderful animals!! I just wanted to thank you! My two boys are the most good tempered, gorgeous dragons around! Keep at it!” – Maranda

“I bought my reverse over a month ago now and i asked for a “SUPERSTAR” and they denoted that on his ship container and that’s exactly what he is, a beautiful Superstar.It has now eaten twice for me and shed and is a really fine animal that i’m proud to own for the next 15 years or so! Thank you for being you Macks!” – Kevin

“This is the most beautiful male lesser. I’m amazed at how healthy he is. They did an excellent job at shipping my male lesser!” – Gordon

“I bought one of these jungle designer’s and by far, the most vibrant color and fast acclimator ever! I love my little Cleopatra. Thanks Guys!!!” – Jeff

“I ordered a sub-adult male mack snow patternless leopard gecko expecting a good high quality gecko. What I received was out of this world ! One of the best geckos I have ever seen let alone had. A++ Incredible geckos every time! P.S. Sandi is great!” – Daniel

“Just got a juvenile female spider ball from RBM, they were out of adults so i ordered a younger one, but the “juveniles” they send are close to adulthood anyway, the one i got was the same size as my five year old male! Great condition, def order from RBM.” – Cooper

“Staff at RBM was willing and able to help me with the difficulty of my small town location and shipping! My new pet is beautiful, and I would highly recommend this company! Thanks!” – Amargo

“The company answered my questions quickly. I told them exactly what I wanted and that is what I got! They helped immensely with shipping when it didn’t arrive by the time it should have. They tracked it down and it was only a couple of hours late. That was due to shipper, not the company. I will be buying from them again because I TRUST THEM! That is important. Great animal Great service. Thanks, Sandi!” – Bill

“I received my juvenile male jungle designer leopard gecko this morning (6/20/14). He seems extremely healthy, active and alert. I am very impressed by his wonderful colors. I am even MORE impressed by the exceptional customer service I’ve received from Sandi. Every email sent was replied to very promptly and warmly. She even went out of her way to obtain photos of my guy before he was shipped at my request. Reptiles by Mack is super awesome.” – Joseph

“Omg I love you guys, the customer service is amazing. I’ve been dealing with Sandi on all my purchases and she’s such a great person and helps me out with everything I have questions for. I recommended all my reptile friends to you guys and they also said everything from the online order to the delivery was perfection. I’m in the process of starting my own business and store front and also in the process of getting a tax id and vendor license as we speak so as soon as it’s all done I will be send you everything you need. I googled you guys a while back and I was really hesitant on online purchases, but I gave you guys a shot and it was amazing. I will always be a customer for sure!! Thank you so much for all your help…and please give Sandi the best customer service award please!!!” – Chris

“I cannot thank you guys enough. I was at the NARBC show in Arlington to buy my very first ball python, and I have to admit- I was feeling like an idiot. I was surrounded by enthusiasts and experts and everything I knew about balls came from google. I’d never even held anything larger than a baby corn snake. I felt even more stupid at every booth I went to, esp when it came to handling snakes for the first time. I was out of my element, and very uncomfortable. Then I found Reptiles by Mack! Thank you guys so so much for baby stepping me through the process… showing me how to hold the snake, even when I was so nervous! Helping me with my snake problems… I never once felt like a noob (that’s what the kids call us these days, right?) No one on the staff ever talked down on me because I didn’t know my way around snakes- in fact they seemed enthusiastic to help me learn. I love my new caramel! He’s already become my happy little buddy (named Eugene! From the Walking Dead comics). Thank you for making my entrance into ball pythons such a positive experience, and for hooking me up with an amazing new friend!” – Gwendolyn

“We just received our first ball python from Reptiles by Mack an adult female Caramel Albino & all I can say is we are in love. Not just in love with the snake itself who is just gorgeous by the way, but in love with the customer service we received from Nick & all others who helped us with our order. She was perfectly packaged and at our door the following day. Did I mention that the shipping was free? We’ve shared your website & phone # with all our reptile friends. We plan on adding more beautiful animals to our collection from yours. As a matter of fact we just ordered our second one today. Thanks again for everything Reptiles by Mack you are now our go to site.” -Sasha & Steve

“I got my male pastel ball python at 9:30 this morning. He is a beautiful animal, everything I wanted. Nick, you are great at what you do. Thank you for taking so much time with me and answering all my questions. I can’t wait till I order my next one. Thank you all!” – William

“Received the Diablo Blanco about 20 minutes ago. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for your attention to detail in the notes.” – Joel

“I received my leopard gecko from Reptiles by Mack almost a year ago, and he is as healthy as can be! When I received him, his tail was a good size for a juvenile, and he was a phenomenal eater (and still is!) Thanks so much!” – Sammy

“Great people. Just picked a healthy male veiled chameleon up yesterday. Will be getting a female soon!!” – Michael

“Excellent quality and service!!!” – Optik

“So. My blue tongue skink is doing great named it Kie Thank you guys!”- Brian

“I have a bearded dragon from my local pet store & he gets all of his reptiles from you!! I’ve had my beardie for almost 3 years now. She’s thee best pet we’ve ever owned! We just love her!! :-)” – Ashley

“I have 3 Ball Pythons from Mack! Spider, Pastel and most recent Ghost from NARBC Arlington!” – Logan

“I’ve gotten a lot of stuff from reptiles by mack and never had a problem with the reptiles I’ve gotten from there. I recommend them to anyone who wants a good reptile.” – Chuck

“We were really impressed by the selection, quality, and reasonable price of your reptiles. It’s also comforting to have not only personable but knowledgeable staff as well! I LOVE my Schneider Skinks & want more LOL We also regret not scooping up some snakes we liked so I’m pretty sure I’ll be in touch.” – Angie

“A beautiful animal! And my geckos from Mack are always loving and sweet, even the most recent one I have that is very very young. Not to mention their health – never a problem. 🙂 Will likely be buying more from them in the future, excellent customer service and excellent animals!” – Kat

“Great customer service before and after sale.recieved snake exceed expectations. Beautiful healthy and very little stress. Received records of last feeding and what she ate also her hatch date. Received snake on saturday on monday she ate. I couldn’t believe it this snake is great. I highly recommend Mack’s.great service. Great animals best prices. Unbeatable!” – Charles